Update 0.4.1 – Talk through your Jetpack Archer!

It has been a fun few days full of twitch streaming.
This small update bring some further improvement to Twitch Mode!

Game Over Bets!

Will the streamer die in the Gold Tier? In Bronze??

Bet on the difficulty tier they’ll die in, then try to kill them by spawning enemies or help them by giving them clones!


The value of your bets increase over time, making early bets carry great rewards if they come true!

Emojis on spawned enemies

Spawn an enemy, then type emoticons in the chat to have it shout at the player!


New Enemy: Jetpack Archer!

Introducing the first enemy exclusive to Twitch Mode: The Jetpack Archer.
This devious rascal can only be summoned by Twitch Chat.

The next time you have 800 Danger Coins, try this:
!spawn jetpackarcher



Update 0.4.0 – Twitch Mode!

Twitch Mode is here!!! 😀
Now you can finally die spectacularly in front of a live audience.

Hear the roar of Twitch Chat!

If you’ve ever been in a Twitch Chat, you may have noticed the chaotic stream of emojis flying everywhere. We wanted to enhance this communication, and put all emojis typed into the robot audience!

Not only are they visible, but they also make a sound that’s specific to each emoji!
Interpreted by genius writer Albert Lai, look forward to hearing ENCOURAGEMENT CUBE! and PINK HAIRED HUMAN! shouted from the audience.


You can also use Twitch’s Cheering Feature to cheer on bigger streamers that support it!
Type cheer100 to have one audience robot perform a provocative dance!

Bet on how the streamer will die!

Who will kill the player? Now you can bet on it to earn Danger Coins!

As people place bets the prize pool increases! When the player finally dies everyone who bet on the correct enemy type splits the coins proportional to how much they bet!


You also get Danger Coins just for watching the stream. They are specific to each streamer you watch but are saved between play sessions!

Spawn Enemies!!!

One of the main uses of Danger Coins is spawning enemies.


You can spawn any enemy from the game on any level!
A little name tag lets the streamer know that it was YOU who spawned it. >:)

Spawning enemies is a fun way to try to claim the killer prize pool. Each time you spawn something it automatically places a bet for half the cost on that enemy type.

Give the player a clone <3

Are you too nice to spawn jetpack bots on bronze levels?
Help the player survive by spending 300 coins on a clone!


How to Stream or Watch

Check out the game’s twitch page for current live streams and archived videos.

Want to Stream but don’t have any Twitch followers?

We’ve tested the game with only 5 watchers and it was really fun! 😀

Celebratory Live Robot Sculpting!

To celebrate the launch of Twitch Mode, the amazing Vulpsie will be creating a beautiful Clone Drone sculpture in front of a live audience next week.


Like this, but a clone drone in a dangerous situation!
Follow her channel to get notified when she goes live. 🙂

IndieDB top 100!

It brings me immense joy to announce that Clone Drone in the Danger Zone has been selected as one of IndieDB’s Top 100 games of 2016! 😀


Do you think it should be number 1?
The second round of voting is in full swing! You can vote for the game here!

Get the update!

Already own the game? Here’s how to download the update!



Update 0.3.1 – Kicks, Bow Upgrade, Spikes, Jump Pads!

The new update is here!

Kick overhaul!

Kicks have been made a lot more straightforward to use.
Simply right click to kick in whatever direction you’re moving to unleash a kick.


Tip: Try it while the jetpack is engaged! 😀

New Upgrade: Aim Time

The bow upgrade tree has a powerful new ability. Aim Time lets you slow down time to a crawl while aiming. A useful counter for things that are fast!


New Endless Levels: Spikes and Jump Pads!

The amount of unique level environments doubled in this update, to a total of 22!
We also introduced spike pads and jump pads to make the levels more interesting.


Matt Olick joins us this update as a contract artist!
The beautiful new environment assets are all his doing.

Endless Difficulty Adjustments

Endless Mode is supposed to be difficult, but some levels were just too hard.

This update we removed over 40 levels that were either boring or ridiculously difficult (2.5 deaths/victory). Bronze Difficulty was also made a lot easier, making the levels very quick and satisfying.

The Mark 2 Jetpack Bots still appear in Titanium, but not 5 of them with 10 other enemies present. 🙂


Other Changes

  • Performance Increased: Cutting things is now a lot more performant, which also improves the accuracy of cuts!
  • Rotate Arrows: Using the scroll wheel you can now rotate arrows to any angle!
  • Shoot People on the Ground: Arrow deflection no longer works when you’re knocked over!
  • Jump while jetpacking: Now possible! A small but useful improvement.

The Road Ahead

So, what happens now?
Here is a rough forecast for the next few updates:

  • Dec 16: Twitch Mode! This experimental crowd interaction mode is coming soon in a smaller update.
  • January: Story Mode Returns! We finally return to story mode with some fresh new levels and drama. This is likely to coincide with a Steam Greenlight campaign.
  • ???: Sandbox Mode? Things get a little more uncertain out here, but one of the big new features in the pipe is Sandbox Mode, letting people design and share their own levels.

I hope you enjoy this update!
Let us know what you think in the forums! 🙂

Love the game? Vote for it!

IndieDB is holding a little competition for Indie of the Year.
If you enjoy Clone Droning in Danger Zones, I would appreciate your support! <3

Kickass update launches on Friday, Dec 2!

A new update is coming soon!

Kick overhaul!

This time the main focus is on improving the kick.
The main goal will be to make it a lot easier to use. The existing kick is kinda fun when you get it working, but unfortunately that’s a very small percentage of the time.

The new kick works with a simple press of your right mouse button, and instantly unleashes a kick in whatever direction you’re traveling (including sideways).

Spike plates!

So far the saw blade has been the only obstacle in the arena.
This update we welcome a new guest: Pressure triggered spike plates!

Expect some new Endless levels featuring this charming obstacle.

Bow upgrades!

Compared to the other upgrade paths the bow became a little bit less relevant with the last update. Expect some interesting upgrades attached to the Arrow Width branch!

Not included: Twitch Mode!

I spent a week building out the infrastructure for an exciting new game mode.
It’s a crazy experimental experience where you can stream the game and interact with a live audience in novel ways.

Since it needs at least another week of work I decided to push it out to the December update, and focus on the gameplay things above for November.

OMG! Look at this fan art!

In non-update related news, a ton of talented people have started making some really cool fan art. Here are some highlights from the forums!

Allmighty Nubs



Cuz Y Not :3



















Seeing all these beautiful creations makes me very happy! 😀
If you feel a burst of inspiration, check out the fan art forum!

Update 0.2.1 – Balancing & Bug Fixes

A new version is now available!
This one is minor, but fixes a few issues that slipped into the Endless Mode build.

Difficulty Adjustments – Level Balance

Endless Mode gets really difficult! This is by design, but there were some levels we noticed were a lot harder than was appropriate for their Tier.

We looked at some win/loss data and took a pass at tuning these levels down a bit:


Nerfed! Mark 1-2 Archers

An insidious bug snuck itself into the build. The little mark 1 archers would suddenly refuse to fire until they had the player squarely in their sights. This led to a lot of situations where they would kill you at point blank range.

This change has been reverted, and should make the early levels a little less daunting.

More Dialogue!

The always hilarious Albert Lai has been helping out with voicing the commentators.

You can look forward to snappy new lines in the following areas:

  • The human made a clone!
  • Story Mode Victory / Death
  • Endless Mode started

More human names!

The humans in the forum wanted THEIR name to be included in the game. Now they have a 0.1% chance of hearing it!

Bug Fixes

Jonathan has gotten warm in his shoes as a QA tester, which means we know of more bugs than ever before!
Over the last week I tried to tackle as many of the serious ones as possible.

Here are the most interesting ones fixed:

  • Cutting Accuracy – The code around swords, arrows and saw blades cutting things has been improved. At high framerates it should feel about the same, but at low framerates fewer arrows will miss, and fewer swords will pass through objects without cutting them.
  • Emperor Arrives, for real! – Turns out that for some players the Emperor didn’t arrive in Story Mode. Now he will.
  • No jumping on saw blades – Saw blades had some crazy physics when you ran into them. Now they’ll just gently shove you to the side.
  • Windows version signed – Windows Defender incorrectly thought the game contained malware. It no longer does, but the game is now officially signed by Doborog Games to try to teach anti virus software that it can be trusted. The Mac version remains unsigned for now.
  • Spidertron is Immune to Saw Blades – Commentary now plays when a live version of Spidertron touches a saw blade, not just one of his parts.
  • Getting stuck just outside ramp edges – This no longer happens.
  • Pausing the game makes Spidertron fly out of the arena – lol!

How to download the update

There are a few ways to get the update:

  • Download it via the itch.io app: This is the easiest way to manage the installation and download new versions automatically.
  • Download and extract the zip file:
    • If you’ve linked it to your itch.io account it will show up on the game page.
    • If you downloaded it but didn’t create an account, find your original email that has the link to it.

Next week work starts on the next update which is set to launch at the end of November!
More info on that later. 🙂

Update 0.2.0 – Endless Mode and Jet Packs!

The first update launched today!
Here is a detailed account of everything that’s new.

New Team Member: Jonathan Palen!

Jonathan started emailing detailed bug reports shortly after the game launched.
There is a word for this in Game Development: Quality Assurance!

With nearly 100 bugs filed, you can thank him for a ton of things that DON’T happen anymore, because he found them. 😀

Guest Team Member: Dana Nelson

Did you know that Endless Mode has 125 unique levels of possible enemy configurations?

Dana helped tackle the meaty design task of designing the difficulty ramp for Endless Mode, and will be monitoring what levels you poor humans die on the most.

She also created most new level layouts. Enjoy the Death Cube!

New Feature: Endless Mode

Endless Mode asks a simple question: How far can you get?
There are 5 Difficulty Tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Titanium


The preview post goes into more detail of how it works.

New Feature: Jetpack!!!

In addition to going fast, the jetpack lets you cut enemies while flying forward.
If you’re fast enough it lets you pull off some crazy maneuvers!


New Enemy: Jetpack Bots

The most dangerous enemy in the game is without a doubt the Mark 2 Jetpack Bot.
These Bad Bots appear in the Titanium tier, and will suddenly END YOU when you least expect it.


Their Mark 1 counterpart appears in the Gold tier.

New Enemy: Spider-tron 6000

Bigger, deadlier, harder to kill.
Expect to get knocked into some saw blades!


Spider-Tron 6000 appears in the Diamond Tier.

Double the word count!!

Commentatron and Analysis-Bot have much to say about Endless Mode.
So much in fact, that the amount of dialogue MORE THAN DOUBLED in this update with 4353 new words!

Fun facts:

  • Most common word: human, said 291 times.
  • Longest word: titaniuuuuuuuuum with 16 characters.


Smaller changes

Here are a ton of smaller things that also got changed:

  • 1 of 5 humans got removed from Story Mode. It now ends when you beat the first 10 levels.
  • Social buttons now appears on the title screen. Follow me on twitter! 😛
  • Power Kick upgrades got removed – They weren’t actually that helpful.
  • Spider Bomb Shrapnel does not fly as far. It should only hit you if you’re right next to a bomb.
  • New Version Display – The game will now tell you when a new version is available!
  • Clones limited to 5 – This is to make the Titanium difficulty more challenging for insane people who somehow got to that difficulty level.
  • Error Handling Improved – In the unlikely event that you experience an error, the game will ask you to quit. This is to prevent save data from being corrupted.
  • Save Data Auto-Repair – It is very rare, but in case your save data gets corrupted, the game will automatically reset it. Also stores a rolling backup version to minimize the impact of this happening.
  • Feedback Form Updated – If you have feedback, there’s now a new form for that.
  • Separate Commentator Volume – You can now adjust the volume of the commentators. Useful if you’re making youtube videos and want to be the one talking.
  • Return to Title Screen from ESC Menu – Can you believe I shipped without that? I totally did.

63 Bugs Fixed!

I won’t list them all here, but some highlights:

  • You can no longer jump through walls.
  • Enemies don’t kick each other over anymore
  • You can’t break the game by pushing your clone into the elevator.

This was a crunch build

On a personal note, this build was made while working 12 hour days and not relaxing during the weekend. Next update I’ll slow down a bit, to make sure you guys get more than two updates. 🙂 I’m looking forward to working on this game for a long time to come!

If you have thoughts on the new build, go tell everyone in the forum!
Don’t own the game yet? Go buy it!

Endless Mode launches on Oct 28!

The first major update is about to drop. 😀
I’m working like a madman to get as many awesome things into it as possible, but it’s now far enough along that I can share what some of those things are!

Endless Mode

Are you tired of playing the same 10 levels?
Endless Mode is here to help!

  • No escape! In this mode there is no escape from the arena. You fight until you die.
  • High Scores: How far can you get? Hopefully further than last time!
  • Randomized Levels: To increase replayability, the levels you’re presented with are randomized each run.
  • Escalating Difficulty! After you win a certain amount you move on to the next difficulty tier. If you think the game is a bit too easy right now, say hello to the Titanium Tier. >:)


Updated Robot Art!

Did you notice that archers look exactly like swordsmen in the current build?
That changes in 0.2!


Spidertron 6000!!!!

Spidertron 6000 is a superior model.
It is unlikely that any human will manage to defeat it.


A new challenger appears!

A new sword robot is in the works.
Outside of the Mark 1-3 chain, this one focuses heavily on speed and unpredictable movement.


Bugs bugs bugs

A lot of bugs will be fixed for next update!
Many are already fixed, and the whole last week before the update is dedicated to stabilizing the build.


Thank you for playing!

I never imagined such a tremendous response from launching the alpha on itch.io!
It is every developer’s dream to watch people play their game and not find it terrible. 😀

The success of the alpha launch means that I’ll be working on this game for a long time to come.

As mentioned at the top, the next update launches on Oct 28.

New Features on the horizon!

The Open Alpha just launched, and you might be wondering what happens next.
Here are some of the things hovering near the top of the priority queue.

Responding to feedback & bugs

A large part of the next update will be to fix things that aren’t working for people.

If you find something wrong or run into technical issues, let me know!
The game also has a nice itch.io forum you can use.


New Enemy types & Levels!

More challenges are coming!
While there may be updates that are largely about support systems around the game, I’ll do my best to inject fresh challenges each time for experienced players.

One major area to explore is non-humanoid enemies.
Expect this friendly dog to show up soon:


Kicks overhaul!

Kicking is an awesome ability. Knock people over in order to stab them. Kick them into sawblades! The fun-potential for kicks is vast.


However, play testing has revealed that the current version is very difficult to use.
An easy-to-use overhaul is coming!

Kicks in sword fighting are generally not recommended.
Lucky for you, Clone Drone in the Danger Zone allows you to continue fighting if your leg gets cut off!


Twitch Mode!

While the fast pace of Clone Drone in the Danger Zone does not lend itself well to a twitch-plays style integration, the arena format could be a natural fit for letting viewers interact more deeply with the person streaming.

In 2016 getting a twitch chat to show up in the game is very straightforward.
Expect some interesting experiments! 🙂

Story Progression

Much work remains to be done on the story progression of the game.
This is perhaps one of the aspects of the game where being in alpha is most keenly felt.

I’ll slowly build it out, but custom content tends to take a lot of time, so other features with a higher impact might take priority.


A foothold in human cyber-space!

Greetings human!

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is a wonderful competition in which you’ll soon take part!
We look forward to seeing you fight to the death in your shiny new robot body.

We are gearing up to provide you with a First Access experience.

In the meantime, look at this happy robot:


Soon this could be YOU!