0.7.0 – Kick Only Challenge + Photo Mode!

Human, there is a new update! If you have the game already, update now and give it a shot! If not, get it on Steam or Itch now!


Kick Bots! They kick… other bots!

The deceptively adorable kick bots run around kicking you into other enemies’ swords, lava, and jump pads… that lead to more lava.

Kick Bot

While they may appear at first glance too under-equipped to cause real harm, after a couple of kick-dips in the lava you may start to approach them more carefully.

And you will encounter these deadly bots in…

The Kick Only Challenge – Look ma, no hands!

Using only your powerful feet, kick your way through 10 levels filled with spikes, fire jets, conveyor belts, lava and sawblades that will make quick work of your enemies (… or you).

Kick Only Challenge

You look so happy with both hands free!

And beating this challenge will unlock…

Power Kicks – Kick enemies into each other!

Just in time for bot-kicking season, the power kick upgrade both increases the intensity of your kick AND makes it knock back other enemies. And them, in turn, other enemies… I think you see where we’re going with this. Line up a few robots and let them show you their best three stooges impression!

Power Kick

And you can capture your own THIS IS SPARTAAA moment using…

Photo Mode: Take beautiful pictures of your trail of carnage!

Inspired by the wonderful YouTuber MattShea (who knows a thing or two about videogame photography!), photo mode lets you pause the game’s action at any moment, pan around freely, and frame the perfect shot.

Photo Mode Selfie
Photo Mode Excited Running

So I Became a TrophySword1 Close One
Once you’ve got your shot lined up, you can take a screenshot (F12 if you are using Steam, see this guide if you’re using itch) and, hey, why not share your artistic creation with the world?!

We’d love to see your awesome photo-screenshots in:

Robo-tography Tips:

  1. Press Tab to freeze time and toggle photo mode on and off.
  2. Press ` (backtick) to wait for the next death to auto-trigger photo mode.
  3. Use your scrollwheel to control the depth-of-field. Experiment with how this affects your shot’s framing.
  4. When time is frozen, left clicking will step time forward.
  5. Think like a photographer: is the framing of the elements in the shot balanced? Can you include the characters’ faces to make it a more emotional photo? Can a viewer tell what is happening when they first look at this shot?


In addition to those bigger things, we’ve continued improving the game’s stability (& check out our new troubleshooting guides), and made a few handy tweaks:

Flame Breath: Overhauled to be more useful!

Fire Breath in Photo Mode

While flame breath used to require a full 4-bars of energy to use, it now only requires 1 bar, and lets you stop breathing fire at any time without losing more energy. More control — more POWER!!

Twitch Spawn Settings – Min difficulty tier for each enemy.

Twitch audiences aren’t always all !clones and Encouragement Cube!s. Now you can avoid getting crushed on level 1 bronze by hammer3s, spidertron6000s and jetpack2s, with these handy dandy new settings:

Twitch Spawn Settings

And speaking of feature description transitions…


Kicking Spidertrons

Watch out for the spider bombs!

Have fun, and let us know what you think!! And share your amazing photo mode screenshots with everyone!

This Friday: Get ready to kick some shiny robot butts!

The first update since the Steam launch is small, but nice, like a partially damaged robot foot!

Here are some cool new features to look forward to:

  • The Kick Only Challenge!
  • Photo Mode: Take beautiful pictures of your robot carnage!
  • Flame Breath: Overhauled to be more useful!
  • Kick Bots!
  • Power Kicks – Kick enemies into eachother!
  • Twitch Spawn Settings – Min difficulty tier for each enemy.


Yeeeeaaahh!!! The update goes live this Friday, March 31:st.

0.6.0 – Where there’s Steam… THERE IS FIRE!



We are super excited to be there!

Did you buy the game on itch.io?

Don’t email us about it! 😀
Go read this guide for how to get your Steam key:


What’s new in Update 0.6??

With that out of the way, Update 0.6 is here!
There are two major new features: Challenges and Fire!


Challenges is a new game mode that presents you with difficult tasks.
If you complete them you are given an awesome Trophy, a Steam Achievement and sometimes New Upgrades!

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 9.07.59 AM

The Inferno Challenge

10 very difficult levels introducing the Mark 4 fire enemies, fire traps and lava!!!
Expect to be set on fire and die repeatedly. 🙂

Unlocks: Flame Breath!!!


The Random Upgrade Challenge

It’s Upgrade Bot’s construction day! 🎉 🎂  🎉
Celebrate by letting it choose your upgrades!
A nice trophy, and the happiness of Upgrade Bot is your only reward. <3

Bow / Hammer Only Challenges

Inspired by REAL HUMANS on youtube, these challenges restrict your arsenal to a single weapon.

What’s your reward for completing them? FIRE UPGRADES!!! >:D

Jetpack: NERFED! and also UNNERFED!

Two major changes happened to the jetpack:

  • Nerf: The hammer now swings normally even when jetpacking. You can thank MattShea for highlighting the extreme OPness of the previous version.
  • Un-nerf: The jetpack now stops moving the second you let go of the key. This turns out to be very powerful, enabling you to dart forward in short bursts that you can time with your swings!!!

In the right hands this change could be even more deadly than the new fire upgrades!

Endless Mode has a bunch of new levels!

Harvested from the Inferno Challenge, Endless Mode now has many things that are ON FIRE!


Hey so I bought the game on itch…

Read this guide!!!

How do you use Fire Breath?

Get the upgrade, then press F to activate it!
We forgot to make a tutorial. 😛

What do I do now???

  • Go play the Update! 😀
  • Write a Steam review!
  • Tell all your friends to get the game!

Thanks everyone for your love and support throughout this amazing journey.
We have many more updates in store for you.

Steam Launch arrives March 16th – WITH FIRE!!!!

Steam Early Access arrives on March 16th!!!!

Great news, human!
Clone Drone in the Danger Zone will launch on Steam Early Access on March 16th.

FAQ: How much will it cost?

The launch price will be $15.

FAQ: If I already bought it on itch, do I get a free Steam key??

Yes! When it becomes available on Steam we will give everyone who already bought it a free key.

FAQ: Will you continue to sell it on Itch?

Yes! Itch is an awesome platform and we’ll continue to release updates there.
It’s possible we’ll add fancy features that only work on Steam (like achievements), but if you don’t care about that you can continue to play on itch.

FAQ: Why Early Access? When will the game be finished?

We’re launching the game into Early Access to communicate the following:

We’re going to update this game a lot!

We could focus on quickly wrapping up Story Mode since it’s the most obviously non-finished thing, but that doesn’t necessarily add the most fun new gameplay each update. The story will continue, but mixed in with other things!

Over the coming months, expect to see a lot of updates adding new Enemies, Abilities, Story Chapters, Twitch Weirdness, Levels, Game Modes and more!

New Update – IT’S ON FIRE!


What is better than cutting up robots? ALSO SETTING THEM ON FIRE!!!
Fire spreads quickly between voxels, increasing the chance that a glancing blow will turn fatal!

The fire update launches with the Steam Release.



New Game Mode: Challenges

We’re launching an exciting new Game Mode with this update!
Challenges provide interesting sets of levels with a clear objective attached!

  • The Inferno Challenge will provide 10 new levels that will set you and your enemies ON FIRE!
  • Endless Weapon Challenges – We’ve already seen great YouTubers do it. Now the game adds official support for tackling Endless Mode with many upgrades (sword included) disabled.
  • Unlock Abilities – Defeating some challenges will add powerful new abilities to the Upgrade Tree!
  • A fresh way to deliver new levels – We’ve been adding more Endless Levels ever since we launched that game mode! With Challenges, you’ll no longer need to grind through Endless levels to discover sweet new levels to try each update. (Well, you still can if you want—they’ll be added there, too!)


Stay informed!

We still have a ton of stuff to build for the update! Follow the progress:


0.5.2 – New Endless Levels + Twitch Settings!

Hello humans!

The green light shines on us all!

Did you see that WE ARE NOW GREENLIT?!

It took 4 days. Thank you so much to everyone who voted! 😀
The next big update will be launching on Steam as well as itch.io!

The hammer bots come to Endless Mode!

There is a new version available to download from itch.io!

It adds the hammer bots to the existing Endless Levels (they didn’t make it into the first release) and adds 5 new unique level layouts.



Twitch Settings

Are you tired of getting ganged up on by Mark 3 Hammer Bots on the first level of the game?
Do you wish your audience could spawn more than one enemy per level?

These questions, unique to Twitch Mode, now have an answer!


Adjust how many enemies can be spawned in this attractive piece of UI.

Brian Jordan joins the Clone Drone team!

You may know him as the strange dude who uses sound effects on twitch, but he is also a sharp engineer and charismatic marketing man.

He just saved all the children of the world by making great things for Code.org!
Now he joins the Clone Drone team to help slam the Steam release out of the arena and into your hands.

This is what his face looked like moments before we harvested his mind and set fire to his body:

0.5.0 – Steam Greenlight + Hammer + Story Mode!!!

Steam Greenlight is here!

Do you want Clone Drone in the Danger Zone in your Steam??
Vote for it now! 😀


The Hammer is here!

The new update just launched with a bang on itch.io!
With a giant hammer, this update is sure to be a smash hit!


The hammer offers a slow, powerful alternative to the sword.
Smash right through their blocks and shatter their robot bodies all over the battlefield.

Hammer Bots!

You think you’re the only one who gets a hammer??
The Hammer Bots have come to CRUSH YOU!!!! >:D



Chapter 2 – The Story continues!

Experience the entirely new chapter 2 of the Story with a freshly dispensed human mind.
10 new levels present unique challenges, as well as a glimpse of what is happening IN SPACE!


The Team is growing!

This game may have started as a solo project, but this update had all kinds of talented people helping out!

Almighty Nubs made some awesome fan art a while back and whipped up a hammer model as soon as he heard of the concept! The hammer and hammer bot models are all Nubs.
No longer fan art, it is now canon! 😀


Matt Olick also returns with some awesome Environment Art, Space Stations and other things I won’t mention to spoil story mode for you!

Brian Jordan has been an enthusiastic Twitch Streamer, and used his considerable Engineering talents this update to improve the usability of the Twitch Mode Commands.

Call to action!

Discarded Game Names

Erik   January 28, 2017   No Comments on Discarded Game Names

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is a pretty good name, but what other names were in the running???

Some personal favorites that for a variety of reasons were not picked:

    • Maimframe
    • Into Bits
    • Severed Souls
    • Adrenaline Sword Machine
    • Metal Skin: Human Within
    • Hard times in Motherboard City
    • The Radiator Gladiator

For your dubious pleasure, here are all the other terrible names that came up during brainstorming! 😀

Free Brainstorming:

  • Edge of Extinction
  • Robot Edge
  • Roboblade
  • The Human Edge
  • Edge of Humanity
  • Mechanical Edge
  • Metal Edge
  • Metal Heart
  • Flying Metal
  • Metal will fly!
  • The Last Cut
  • Dismembered Soul
  • Dis-metal
  • Dis-Gust
  • Sundering Edge
  • Metal Claws
  • Tear us apart
  • Tears of humanity
  • Parting Words
  • Parting Worlds
  • Metal Pieces Flying Through the Air
  • The Glimmer
  • Cut that robot!
  • Motherboard Fraggers
  • Human Heart
  • Heart breaks a part
  • Break a Part
  • Metal Swing
  • Swinging Metal
  • Sever Us
  • Severed Souls
  • Severed Hearts
  • Severed Metal
  • Behead
  • Beachhead
  • Bitheads
  • Machine Sword
  • Swashing Machine
  • Severed Psyche
  • The Man in the Machine
  • Ghost Blade
  • The Human Within
  • The Edge Within
  • Mortal Metal
  • Anima Blades
  • Under my skin
  • Inner Blade
  • Operation Metal Storm
  • Metal Storm
  • Robolimbs
  • Robotic
  • Robo-stick
  • Fall of the Robots
  • Robots must die
  • Humans must die
  • Spider-tron 5000 must die
  • Dislimbo
  • Under strange stars
  • Severing Grounds
  • The Human Games
  • Enemy Lines in the Sand
  • Vanguard Blade
  • Enemy Blade
  • In the mind of the enemy
  • Beachhead
  • Space Robots with Swords
  • The fall of Space Robots
  • Cut of your motherboarding head
  • I will cut off your head!
  • Off with their heads!
  • Offheads!
  • Limb from Limb
  • The Entertainment
  • Severed Limbs
  • The Cutting Game
  • Theater of War
  • Tearing you apart
  • The death of Emperor 5.0
  • Dismembered Defiance
  • You shall not pass!
  • None shall pass!
  • Just a flesh wound
  • Tis but a scratch
  • No flesh, no wound
  • Immortal Blade
  • Metal Sand
  • Inertia
  • Inearthia
  • Severoboto
  • Severobot
  • Severo
  • Severbot
  • Sindrone
  • DestructoBots
  • Herman Caine as a Hurricane
  • Autotraumatic
  • Robo Warrior
  • Limbfall
  • Falling Limbs
  • Hard times in Motherboard City
  • Maimframe
  • Space robot arena
  • Robot Masters
  • Bow before your robot masters
  • Bow down human!
  • We do not bend
  • Those who do not bend

Things that rhyme

  • Clone Drone in the Danger Zone
  • Hobo Robo
  • Great Scott! Robot!
  • Robot Sword Horde
  • Fade of the Blade
  • Blade Cascade
  • Blade Crusade
  • Defiant Alliance
  • No Compliance – Defiance Alliance, it’s Science!
  • Rebel Robot Rabble
  • Rising Slicing and Dicing
  • Servo Pervo
  • Torn asunder by a robot blunder
  • Robo-blender bender
  • Robot Blade Escapade
  • Escape from the Robo Rabble
  • Invasion Situation
  • Invasion Nation
  • Feel the Steel
  • Killed by Steel, No Appeal
  • Claws, Saws and quick Draws
  • Row bow toe hoe
  • Swing Bing Sting
  • Decapitation Nation
  • The Radiator Gladiator
  • The Teen in the Machine
  • Knight Robot Fight
  • You must defeat the rust
  • Few refuse to fuse with refuse
  • Brain Drain Main Frame: The Entertaining Robot Game
  • Metal Skin: Human Within
  • Metal Bones: All Alones
  • Human Within
  • Amputate Robot Hate
  • Chop off the Top of a Robop
  • Cogs and Dogs
  • Hot Dog Little Cog: Time to eat
  • Robot Kicks and Shiny Sticks
  • Robots with Sticks: Badass Kicks!
  • Artificial Life: Giant Knife (it’s a sword)
  • Swords vs Motherboards
  • Chairman of the Sword
  • Cleaver Beaver
  • Made by the Blade

Using Rhyming Dictionary:

  • Cannot kill Robot
  • Jumpshot Robot
  • Robot Onslaught
  • Robot weak spot
  • Robot and whatnot
  • Nono Robo
  • GotoRobo
  • Have you seen the Sword Machine?
  • Between the Machine
  • Fifteen Machine
  • Obscene Machine
  • Adrenaline Sword Machine
  • Wolverine Machine Dream
  • Regression towards the mean machine
  • Obscenely Mean Machines
  • Mean Machines
  • Motherboard and Sword
  • Sword of the Motherboard
  • Sword Lord: Tale of the motherboard
  • Sword Lord Scoreboard
  • Motherboard Smoragsboard
  • MotherSword
  • Floored by the Sword Lord
  • Cored Sword
  • Minds Stored with Sword
  • Smite Fight
  • Robot Fight Delight
  • Mooonlight Sword Fight
  • Robo Fight Acolyte
  • Gigabyte Robot Fight
  • Out of sight Robot Fight
  • Ultraviolent Robot Fight

Dirty Rhymes (if you are 10 years old DON’T READ THESE!!!):

  • Eat shit, robot bit
  • Tough Tits, Robot Bits
  • Hunt for the robot Cunt
  • Robot Dicks with Shiny Sticks
  • Bithead shithead
  • Severed bithead shithead


  • Automaton Anarchy
  • Beheading Blade
  • Beachhead Battleground
  • Blade Bots
  • Brain Blade
  • Broken Blade
  • Computer Clones
  • Consciousness Captured
  • Cut of the Clone
  • Clone Conflict
  • Clogged Cogs
  • Demonstrative Demolition
  • Defiant Defenders
  • Defiant Drone
  • Dead Defiant
  • Death by Dismemberment
  • Dismembered Device
  • Distant Defiance
  • Edge of Enemy Lines
  • Electric Edge
  • Enemy Entity
  • Falling Frontier
  • Far From Flesh
  • Forged Flesh Fiends
  • Front Line Flesh
  • Hidden Humans
  • Humanity’s Hope
  • Human Heads
  • Inner Impact
  • Losing Limbs
  • Little Lost Limb
  • Lethal Limb Loss
  • Limb from Limb
  • Machine Massacre
  • Mass Massacre Machine
  • Mammal Massacre
  • Maim the Machine
  • Maim the Mainframe
  • Metal Machine Mayhem
  • Mortal Machines
  • Mortals in Machines
  • Mutilated Machines
  • Robot Romp Revolution
  • Robot Rebellion
  • Rebels in Robots
  • Rebel Robot Rises
  • Rebel Robot Roar
  • Rebel Robots: Hidden Humans
  • Resist the Robots
  • Roaring Robots
  • Severed Souls (is a book by Terry Goodkind! 🙁 )
  • Swing to Sever
  • Sever Strike
  • Severing Strike
  • Sinister Souls
  • Sinister Space Robots
  • Sinister Space Servos
  • Sword Strikers
  • Suddenly Severed
  • Stranded Souls
  • Terra’s Tears
  • Warriors Within

Bending words out of shape:

  • Maimframe
  • Bld
  • Blader
  • Roblade
  • Severance
  • Meatal
  • Meat all
  • This Member
  • Decaptain
  • Robeat
  • Decapitato
  • Maimalade
  • Muti Nation
  • Into Bits
  • Bits
  • Gigablade
  • Autodecapitation
  • Dismembrane
  • Ampufate
  • A Part
  • Bladiator
  • Swordiator
  • Robiator
  • Machinator
  • Gladiatron
  • Cutinator
  • Strikyntors
  • Arobotena

And there you have it. As you can see we looked at all other possible combinations of words before settling on Clone Drone in the Danger Zone!

Did we make a mistake?? Should another name have won?
Let us know in the comments!

Steam Greenlight slams the hammer down on Feb 3!

UPDATE!!! The game is now on Steam Greenlight right here:

Boom! The next update arrives on Feb 3.

Steam Greenlight is coming!

It’s time for the game to land on the Steam platform!

  • Step 1 is the Greenlight campaign launching with this update on Feb 3!
  • Step 2 will launch the game on Steam with a massive update, scheduled for mid-March.


Being on itch.io is a wonderful experience, and we’ll continue to release updates there.
If you’ve bought the game there you’ll be able to retrieve a Steam key when the time comes!

Smash things with your hammer!

Introducing the game’s third weapon: The Hammer!


The hammer offers a powerful alternative to the energy sword.
It can’t be blocked and instantly shatters whatever it hits!

The increased power comes at a price however.
It is slower to swing and can’t block any incoming strikes, including arrows.

A dangerous weapon for dangerous robots.


Speaking of Dangerous Robots, expect to see these bad boys running around the arena.
Almighty Nubs joins us this update as a guest artist, making some really awesome looking enemies.

Story Mode continues!


After a long wait, Chapter 2 of Story Mode arrives.
Will the second human escape the arena? We will find out!

Update 0.4.1 – Talk through your Jetpack Archer!

It has been a fun few days full of twitch streaming.
This small update bring some further improvement to Twitch Mode!

Game Over Bets!

Will the streamer die in the Gold Tier? In Bronze??

Bet on the difficulty tier they’ll die in, then try to kill them by spawning enemies or help them by giving them clones!


The value of your bets increase over time, making early bets carry great rewards if they come true!

Emojis on spawned enemies

Spawn an enemy, then type emoticons in the chat to have it shout at the player!


New Enemy: Jetpack Archer!

Introducing the first enemy exclusive to Twitch Mode: The Jetpack Archer.
This devious rascal can only be summoned by Twitch Chat.

The next time you have 800 Danger Coins, try this:
!spawn jetpackarcher



Update 0.4.0 – Twitch Mode!

Twitch Mode is here!!! 😀
Now you can finally die spectacularly in front of a live audience.

Hear the roar of Twitch Chat!

If you’ve ever been in a Twitch Chat, you may have noticed the chaotic stream of emojis flying everywhere. We wanted to enhance this communication, and put all emojis typed into the robot audience!

Not only are they visible, but they also make a sound that’s specific to each emoji!
Interpreted by genius writer Albert Lai, look forward to hearing ENCOURAGEMENT CUBE! and PINK HAIRED HUMAN! shouted from the audience.


You can also use Twitch’s Cheering Feature to cheer on bigger streamers that support it!
Type cheer100 to have one audience robot perform a provocative dance!

Bet on how the streamer will die!

Who will kill the player? Now you can bet on it to earn Danger Coins!

As people place bets the prize pool increases! When the player finally dies everyone who bet on the correct enemy type splits the coins proportional to how much they bet!


You also get Danger Coins just for watching the stream. They are specific to each streamer you watch but are saved between play sessions!

Spawn Enemies!!!

One of the main uses of Danger Coins is spawning enemies.


You can spawn any enemy from the game on any level!
A little name tag lets the streamer know that it was YOU who spawned it. >:)

Spawning enemies is a fun way to try to claim the killer prize pool. Each time you spawn something it automatically places a bet for half the cost on that enemy type.

Give the player a clone <3

Are you too nice to spawn jetpack bots on bronze levels?
Help the player survive by spending 300 coins on a clone!


How to Stream or Watch

Check out the game’s twitch page for current live streams and archived videos.

Want to Stream but don’t have any Twitch followers?

We’ve tested the game with only 5 watchers and it was really fun! 😀

Celebratory Live Robot Sculpting!

To celebrate the launch of Twitch Mode, the amazing Vulpsie will be creating a beautiful Clone Drone sculpture in front of a live audience next week.


Like this, but a clone drone in a dangerous situation!
Follow her channel to get notified when she goes live. 🙂

IndieDB top 100!

It brings me immense joy to announce that Clone Drone in the Danger Zone has been selected as one of IndieDB’s Top 100 games of 2016! 😀


Do you think it should be number 1?
The second round of voting is in full swing! You can vote for the game here!

Get the update!

Already own the game? Here’s how to download the update!