Last Bot Standing: New levels + Balancing!

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Hello humans!

Good news! We just added 5 new delightful Last Bot Standing levels, and introduced several balancing changes.

Weapon Balancing

Have you ever observed other players spinning around crazily and somehow killing people?
We have, and it’s not much fun to be on the other side of.

The new update introduces restrictions on how far you can turn while swinging your weapon.
Our goal has been to maintain a good range of motion, so you can still rotate towards your target and strike with great precision, but discourage flailing around wildly around in an attempt to make the hitbox make accidental contact with your opponent.

All weapons have this new restriction, but the one where it was used the most was probably the spear.

To illustrate what we’re talking about, here is a demonstration of flicking the spear around:

(thanks Gontarekt + Neik Alexander!)

And here is the fix:
The camera still moves to not interrupt your flow of motion.

The spear is of course not the only weapon this applies to. Hammer + Sword can no longer spin around wildly either.

Other multiplayer balancing changes:

  • Sword attack cooldown increased from 0.6s to 0.7s to make it slightly less easy to spam attacks.
  • Raptor kick cooldown increased to 2s, leaving a small opening for attack in between kicks.
  • Kick + Dash: Kicking in the middle of a Dash no longer cancels the Dash momentum

A final note: We don’t resent anyone who may have flicked their spear around or rotated their hammer wildly in the past. If the game allows you to do it, it is a legitimate way to play! It is our hope that these changes make for a more predictable and fun multiplayer experience for everyone. Let us know what you think! 🙂

New levels!

Five new levels has entered the permanent Last Bot Standing rotation!

Moving Floor
The risk/reward of getting upgrades is turned TO THE MAX in this level where the floor goes away when you stand on it.

The Facility
Jump around these pretty walkways.

Death Cubes
What is better than a Death Cube? ALL THE DEATH CUBES!

Vast height differences and moving platforms makes for an interesting time among the cliffs.

Crashed Waiting Room
Do you like playing in the Waiting Room? Now you don’t have to leave it!

Other changes

You can now push garbage around.
Help the garbage bots keep the arena clean! 🚮🚮🚮

We’ve also fixed a multitude of bugs, including:

  • Armor was completely not working against the hammer in co-op!
  • Hammer bots can no longer kill you while returning the hammer to the idle position
  • Numerous crash bugs!
  • Many minor localization updates based on your excellent feedback. Thanks everyone for your reports!

Now what??

The time has come… for CHAPTER 5!!!

We’ll be ramping up development for the final story chapter in the coming weeks.
This is going to be an epic chapter, so expect a release date many months from now.

More info when we have it! 🙂