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Chapter 5 preview!

In progress: The epic conclusion to story mode! Chapter 5 will bring us to the final showdown of the Clone Drone storyline. We’ve been working hard on laying down the… Read more »

Translation Feedback Wanted!

Hello! It has come to our attention that humans speak more than one language!? To help you understand the fine nuances of how your robot body will disintegrate in the… Read more »

0.16.1 – Hotfix!

A new build is now live that fixes a variety of bugs! Some highlights include: Private Last Bot Standing and Private Duel games now work again! The “Power Overwhelming” Achievement… Read more »

Emotes launch on Tuesday!

What are you doing on Tuesday, human? We’re launching the next big update to the game, adding Emotes, Achievements, Co-op Challenges and more! Dance like a robot, flap your arms… Read more »

Co-op is live!!!

Face the Danger Zone with your friends (or strange humans you find on the internet)! Co-op lets you experience the joy of Team Work in Endless Mode. New Endless Difficulties… Read more »