0.10.0 – Chapter 3 is here!

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The wait is over, chapter 3 has landed! 😀

Here is what’s new:

Story Mode Continues!

Venture into the Fleet Communications beacon on a desperate quest. This is our most cinematic chapter yet, with many twists and turns!


Armor up!

The main new game mechanic this update is Armor.
Protect your limbs from being instantly destroyed by death robots!

Armor is available:

  • In Story Mode Chapter 3
  • As an upgrade in all non-story modes (Endless, Challenges, Twitch Mode)
  • In the Level Editor: Check a box and any robot in the game is suddenly armored!

Rise of the Fleet Overseer!

Long did the voices cry out for some sort of boss. The Fleet Overseer is finally here to shoot a giant laser at those voices! BOOM!



While she mainly appears in Chapter 3, other areas you can play with her are Twitch Mode and the Level Editor!


A major new feature in Chapter 3 is playing with your trusty AI companion.
Stand back and watch them wreak havoc.

Allies are also available in Twitch Mode!
Simply type !spawnally fleetoverseer KappaPride to give your favorite streamer a helping laser beam!
We initially restricted this to Twitch subscribers, but decided to open it up to everyone. Enjoy!

Aim Time!

Aim time is an awesome upgrade that’s been in the game for quite a while now!

We’ve made it even more useful by making it not trigger automatically when you draw an arrow back. Instead: right click to aim time with an arrow drawn!


This has the great advantage of not wasting energy until you really want to aim, for all you energy-frugal archers out there. Hurray!

What’s next: A small update with more stuff!

As is often the case, we could have easily worked on this update for another month without running out of high priority tasks to do.

But instead WE SHIPPED IT!
Being in Early Access we strive to deliver you a rough, but satisfying experience in a timely manner. 🙂

The result is that we have a few things we wish we would have had time for, that we’re gonna scoop up into a delightful update coming out 2-3 weeks from now:

  • Chapter 2 Overhaul: The game has come a long way in terms of the quality of our levels. We redesigned all levels of chapter 1 for this update, but ran out of time to revisit chapter 2.
  • Armor in Endless Mode: Endless Mode is completely untouched by this update. We’re gonna fix that!
  • Level Editor items: We’ve created a ton of cool new assets used in chapter 3. Expect to see things like glass, doors, lights etc. added to the level editor in the next update!
  • General bug fixing: We know of plenty of bugs that we want to fix. If you find one email [email protected]