0.5.2 – New Endless Levels + Twitch Settings!

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Hello humans!

The green light shines on us all!

Did you see that WE ARE NOW GREENLIT?!

It took 4 days. Thank you so much to everyone who voted! 😀
The next big update will be launching on Steam as well as itch.io!

The hammer bots come to Endless Mode!

There is a new version available to download from itch.io!

It adds the hammer bots to the existing Endless Levels (they didn’t make it into the first release) and adds 5 new unique level layouts.



Twitch Settings

Are you tired of getting ganged up on by Mark 3 Hammer Bots on the first level of the game?
Do you wish your audience could spawn more than one enemy per level?

These questions, unique to Twitch Mode, now have an answer!


Adjust how many enemies can be spawned in this attractive piece of UI.

Brian Jordan joins the Clone Drone team!

You may know him as the strange dude who uses sound effects on twitch, but he is also a sharp engineer and charismatic marketing man.

He just saved all the children of the world by making great things for Code.org!
Now he joins the Clone Drone team to help slam the Steam release out of the arena and into your hands.

This is what his face looked like moments before we harvested his mind and set fire to his body: