Steam Launch arrives March 16th – WITH FIRE!!!!

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Steam Early Access arrives on March 16th!!!!

Great news, human!
Clone Drone in the Danger Zone will launch on Steam Early Access on March 16th.

FAQ: How much will it cost?

The launch price will be $15.

FAQ: If I already bought it on itch, do I get a free Steam key??

Yes! When it becomes available on Steam we will give everyone who already bought it a free key.

FAQ: Will you continue to sell it on Itch?

Yes! Itch is an awesome platform and we’ll continue to release updates there.
It’s possible we’ll add fancy features that only work on Steam (like achievements), but if you don’t care about that you can continue to play on itch.

FAQ: Why Early Access? When will the game be finished?

We’re launching the game into Early Access to communicate the following:

We’re going to update this game a lot!

We could focus on quickly wrapping up Story Mode since it’s the most obviously non-finished thing, but that doesn’t necessarily add the most fun new gameplay each update. The story will continue, but mixed in with other things!

Over the coming months, expect to see a lot of updates adding new Enemies, Abilities, Story Chapters, Twitch Weirdness, Levels, Game Modes and more!

New Update – IT’S ON FIRE!


What is better than cutting up robots? ALSO SETTING THEM ON FIRE!!!
Fire spreads quickly between voxels, increasing the chance that a glancing blow will turn fatal!

The fire update launches with the Steam Release.



New Game Mode: Challenges

We’re launching an exciting new Game Mode with this update!
Challenges provide interesting sets of levels with a clear objective attached!

  • The Inferno Challenge will provide 10 new levels that will set you and your enemies ON FIRE!
  • Endless Weapon Challenges – We’ve already seen great YouTubers do it. Now the game adds official support for tackling Endless Mode with many upgrades (sword included) disabled.
  • Unlock Abilities – Defeating some challenges will add powerful new abilities to the Upgrade Tree!
  • A fresh way to deliver new levels – We’ve been adding more Endless Levels ever since we launched that game mode! With Challenges, you’ll no longer need to grind through Endless levels to discover sweet new levels to try each update. (Well, you still can if you want—they’ll be added there, too!)


Stay informed!

We still have a ton of stuff to build for the update! Follow the progress: