Update 0.3.1 – Kicks, Bow Upgrade, Spikes, Jump Pads!

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The new update is here!

Kick overhaul!

Kicks have been made a lot more straightforward to use.
Simply right click to kick in whatever direction you’re moving to unleash a kick.


Tip: Try it while the jetpack is engaged! 😀

New Upgrade: Aim Time

The bow upgrade tree has a powerful new ability. Aim Time lets you slow down time to a crawl while aiming. A useful counter for things that are fast!


New Endless Levels: Spikes and Jump Pads!

The amount of unique level environments doubled in this update, to a total of 22!
We also introduced spike pads and jump pads to make the levels more interesting.


Matt Olick joins us this update as a contract artist!
The beautiful new environment assets are all his doing.

Endless Difficulty Adjustments

Endless Mode is supposed to be difficult, but some levels were just too hard.

This update we removed over 40 levels that were either boring or ridiculously difficult (2.5 deaths/victory). Bronze Difficulty was also made a lot easier, making the levels very quick and satisfying.

The Mark 2 Jetpack Bots still appear in Titanium, but not 5 of them with 10 other enemies present. 🙂


Other Changes

  • Performance Increased: Cutting things is now a lot more performant, which also improves the accuracy of cuts!
  • Rotate Arrows: Using the scroll wheel you can now rotate arrows to any angle!
  • Shoot People on the Ground: Arrow deflection no longer works when you’re knocked over!
  • Jump while jetpacking: Now possible! A small but useful improvement.

The Road Ahead

So, what happens now?
Here is a rough forecast for the next few updates:

  • Dec 16: Twitch Mode! This experimental crowd interaction mode is coming soon in a smaller update.
  • January: Story Mode Returns! We finally return to story mode with some fresh new levels and drama. This is likely to coincide with a Steam Greenlight campaign.
  • ???: Sandbox Mode? Things get a little more uncertain out here, but one of the big new features in the pipe is Sandbox Mode, letting people design and share their own levels.

I hope you enjoy this update!
Let us know what you think in the forums! 🙂

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