Alpha Release on!

Erik   September 22, 2016   8 Comments on Alpha Release on!

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is now available on!

This is a really exciting step!
The game is going to see vast changes over the coming months, with lots of exciting content still to be added.

Be a part of the vanguard and play the game before it becomes cool! 😀
Your feedback will be heard loudly and shape the experience to be the best it can possibly be.


8 thoughts on “Alpha Release on!

  1. Gage McClure

    Hey, so, will the game every be offered outside of I can’t access the site because of some internet blocks in my area. Thanks!

    1. Erik Post author

      Yes, the game is coming to Steam in 2017.

      Where do you live that they would block It’s such a nice little website.


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