New Features on the horizon!

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The Open Alpha just launched, and you might be wondering what happens next.
Here are some of the things hovering near the top of the priority queue.

Responding to feedback & bugs

A large part of the next update will be to fix things that aren’t working for people.

If you find something wrong or run into technical issues, let me know!
The game also has a nice forum you can use.


New Enemy types & Levels!

More challenges are coming!
While there may be updates that are largely about support systems around the game, I’ll do my best to inject fresh challenges each time for experienced players.

One major area to explore is non-humanoid enemies.
Expect this friendly dog to show up soon:


Kicks overhaul!

Kicking is an awesome ability. Knock people over in order to stab them. Kick them into sawblades! The fun-potential for kicks is vast.


However, play testing has revealed that the current version is very difficult to use.
An easy-to-use overhaul is coming!

Kicks in sword fighting are generally not recommended.
Lucky for you, Clone Drone in the Danger Zone allows you to continue fighting if your leg gets cut off!


Twitch Mode!

While the fast pace of Clone Drone in the Danger Zone does not lend itself well to a twitch-plays style integration, the arena format could be a natural fit for letting viewers interact more deeply with the person streaming.

In 2016 getting a twitch chat to show up in the game is very straightforward.
Expect some interesting experiments! 🙂

Story Progression

Much work remains to be done on the story progression of the game.
This is perhaps one of the aspects of the game where being in alpha is most keenly felt.

I’ll slowly build it out, but custom content tends to take a lot of time, so other features with a higher impact might take priority.