0.9.0 – 🔥 FLAME RAPTORS 🔥, New Challenges, and “Repair”!

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This release, we’ve added 🔥 FLAME RAPTORS 🔥, 2 new raptor-based challenges, and a “repair” upgrade!

Flame Raptors!!

Flame Raptors are the most versatile enemies yet — they breathe fire:

Raptor Breathing Fire

Enemies ride on top of them:


And they’ll whip you with their tail!

Flame Raptor Tail Hit

The Raptor & RAPTOR INSANITY Challenges!

We added two new challenges featuring the flame raptors:

Raptor Challenge – Ten fun levels with brand new raptor-appropriate layouts!
Raptor Insanity – A VERY HARD challenge. We decided to try splitting this challenge into an easy and hard version, since we know not everyone enjoys getting slaughtered repeatedly. 😉

You’ll also find raptor levels in higher tiers of endless mode, and you can even spawn them with riders on Twitch streams!twitch-spawn-raptor



Lose your arm, and can’t use your bow? Tired of hopping around on one leg?


Well, would you look at that!


Weird — wonder why there are scare quotes around “Repair”…

Other small improvements!

We also made a handful of smaller improvements we thought our wonderful fellow players would enjoy!

  • Workshop levels can now use enemy deaths as triggers! (I think we may be getting close to Turing-completeness…)
  • We fixed a bug with moving platforms resetting after death in workshop levels!
  • You can no longer escape your damaged robot body by exiting and re-starting the game — player voxel damage now persists!
  • Hammer blows to enemies faces are now consistently lethal!

And as always, we’re excited to subscribe to & play the awesome things you make next in the workshop!

Have fun with the raptors, and watch for our next post about what’s next!