Update 0.2.1 – Balancing & Bug Fixes

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A new version is now available!
This one is minor, but fixes a few issues that slipped into the Endless Mode build.

Difficulty Adjustments – Level Balance

Endless Mode gets really difficult! This is by design, but there were some levels we noticed were a lot harder than was appropriate for their Tier.

We looked at some win/loss data and took a pass at tuning these levels down a bit:


Nerfed! Mark 1-2 Archers

An insidious bug snuck itself into the build. The little mark 1 archers would suddenly refuse to fire until they had the player squarely in their sights. This led to a lot of situations where they would kill you at point blank range.

This change has been reverted, and should make the early levels a little less daunting.

More Dialogue!

The always hilarious Albert Lai has been helping out with voicing the commentators.

You can look forward to snappy new lines in the following areas:

  • The human made a clone!
  • Story Mode Victory / Death
  • Endless Mode started

More human names!

The humans in the forum wanted THEIR name to be included in the game. Now they have a 0.1% chance of hearing it!

Bug Fixes

Jonathan has gotten warm in his shoes as a QA tester, which means we know of more bugs than ever before!
Over the last week I tried to tackle as many of the serious ones as possible.

Here are the most interesting ones fixed:

  • Cutting Accuracy – The code around swords, arrows and saw blades cutting things has been improved. At high framerates it should feel about the same, but at low framerates fewer arrows will miss, and fewer swords will pass through objects without cutting them.
  • Emperor Arrives, for real! – Turns out that for some players the Emperor didn’t arrive in Story Mode. Now he will.
  • No jumping on saw blades – Saw blades had some crazy physics when you ran into them. Now they’ll just gently shove you to the side.
  • Windows version signed – Windows Defender incorrectly thought the game contained malware. It no longer does, but the game is now officially signed by Doborog Games to try to teach anti virus software that it can be trusted. The Mac version remains unsigned for now.
  • Spidertron is Immune to Saw Blades – Commentary now plays when a live version of Spidertron touches a saw blade, not just one of his parts.
  • Getting stuck just outside ramp edges – This no longer happens.
  • Pausing the game makes Spidertron fly out of the arena – lol!

How to download the update

There are a few ways to get the update:

  • Download it via the itch.io app: This is the easiest way to manage the installation and download new versions automatically.
  • Download and extract the zip file:
    • If you’ve linked it to your itch.io account it will show up on the game page.
    • If you downloaded it but didn’t create an account, find your original email that has the link to it.

Next week work starts on the next update which is set to launch at the end of November!
More info on that later. 🙂