Update 0.4.1 – Talk through your Jetpack Archer!

It has been a fun few days full of twitch streaming.
This small update bring some further improvement to Twitch Mode!

Game Over Bets!

Will the streamer die in the Gold Tier? In Bronze??

Bet on the difficulty tier they’ll die in, then try to kill them by spawning enemies or help them by giving them clones!


The value of your bets increase over time, making early bets carry great rewards if they come true!

Emojis on spawned enemies

Spawn an enemy, then type emoticons in the chat to have it shout at the player!


New Enemy: Jetpack Archer!

Introducing the first enemy exclusive to Twitch Mode: The Jetpack Archer.
This devious rascal can only be summoned by Twitch Chat.

The next time you have 800 Danger Coins, try this:
!spawn jetpackarcher



7 thoughts on “Update 0.4.1 – Talk through your Jetpack Archer!

    1. Erik Post author

      The emote will show up in the audience, but it will not have a special sound.
      If you have an emote you use a lot that doesn’t have a sound, let us know and we can add it in a future version!

  1. alphenhous

    hello.can i say what i want in the game here?probably not.but i will say it anyway.why not more types of player characters,armors that matters and more weapon types like pikes,chainsaws,hammers and stuff.
    P.S:a scythe weapon would feel nice.


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