Steam Greenlight slams the hammer down on Feb 3!

UPDATE!!! The game is now on Steam Greenlight right here:

Boom! The next update arrives on Feb 3.

Steam Greenlight is coming!

It’s time for the game to land on the Steam platform!

  • Step 1 is the Greenlight campaign launching with this update on Feb 3!
  • Step 2 will launch the game on Steam with a massive update, scheduled for mid-March.


Being on is a wonderful experience, and we’ll continue to release updates there.
If you’ve bought the game there you’ll be able to retrieve a Steam key when the time comes!

Smash things with your hammer!

Introducing the game’s third weapon: The Hammer!


The hammer offers a powerful alternative to the energy sword.
It can’t be blocked and instantly shatters whatever it hits!

The increased power comes at a price however.
It is slower to swing and can’t block any incoming strikes, including arrows.

A dangerous weapon for dangerous robots.


Speaking of Dangerous Robots, expect to see these bad boys running around the arena.
Almighty Nubs joins us this update as a guest artist, making some really awesome looking enemies.

Story Mode continues!


After a long wait, Chapter 2 of Story Mode arrives.
Will the second human escape the arena? We will find out!

2 thoughts on “Steam Greenlight slams the hammer down on Feb 3!

  1. Gorakh

    cant wait for this game to release on steam, updating will be soooo much easier

    ive been waiting for a continuation to story mode ever since i started playing the game! hype! Hype! SO MUCH HYYYPE!!


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