0.7.2 – Pretty photos! And a teeny bug-fix update.

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First things first. We’ve put a teeny tiny fix update (0.7.2)! This update:

  • Makes Photo Mode Music toggle on and off perfectly! It now makes us giggle every time we toggle it.
  • Fixes a crash some people have seen when performing said toggling.
  • Adds two things you Big-time Twitch Streamers out there: emote vocalizations for certain Twitch streamers’ subscribers, and a new note about enabling slow mode to avoid being throttled.

Some Awesome Photo Mode Photos!

Humans, your creativity amazes us!! In the 3 days since we released Photo Mode, we have been blown away by the awesome shots our wonderful community members have taken.

Let’s look at some of them! See more on Steam Community Screenshots, the Itch Forums, and the Discord chat!

From the Steam Community Screenshots:

The #RoboSelfie (thanks NoScope!)

The #RoboSelfie (by noscope)

Spidertron Deconstructed (thanks Dr. Greenman The Mad Scientist!)

Spidertron Deconstructed by Dr. Greenman The Mad Scientist

A very nature-photography-style photo. Note the player killing it in the background. (thanks ShAzZ!)

nature-lava-swim by ShAzZ


From the Community Discord:

What happened here? DEATH! (thanks Dope Arcane!)

Bow Madness by Dope Arcane

Spidertron… where’d your eyes go? (thanks VattHammer!)

Spidertron with No Eyes

Mid-air-duck-strike (thanks iosephusalbert!)


Off you go! (thanks Teewoo!)

Off You Go! teewoo


From the Itch.io Forums

A cinematic jump (thanks mincpower!)

Epic Jump by mincpower

There are so many more awesome ones we wanted to include, but alas blog posts can only be so long (I’m impressed you’re still reading)!

Check out the rest of the awesome Photo Mode screenshots, and make & post your own so we can see them too!