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Emotes launch on Tuesday!

What are you doing on Tuesday, human? We’re launching the next big update to the game, adding Emotes, Achievements, Co-op Challenges and more! Dance like a robot, flap your arms… Read more »

Co-op is live!!!

Face the Danger Zone with your friends (or strange humans you find on the internet)! Co-op lets you experience the joy of Team Work in Endless Mode. New Endless Difficulties… Read more »

Co-op launches next week!

Co-op is coming next Thursday, September 5th! Grab your favorite friend, sibling, twin, clone or machine learning algorithm and see you then!

0.14.0 – Chapter 4 has landed!

Wait no longer, Chapter 4 has arrived! Story Mode Continues With your mind now transferred into the Fleet, make your way through one of the fleet’s most heavily defended ships. So… Read more »

Chapter 4 Arrives Thursday!

Fresh robot combatants. A laser spear. Gravity-defying space-boots. Giant. Transport. Tubes. Chapter 4 Releases THIS THURSDAY, May 2nd Can’t wait? Follow Doborog’s dev streams for a sneak peek. Prepare for… Read more »