Job Opening: Senior Game Artist

Doborog Games is looking for an experienced game artist with a love of Voxels!

As our game Clone Drone in the Danger Zone continues its blazing journey through Early Access, we need a strong artist to take the game’s visuals to the next level!


You will be the main artist on our small indie team.
As such we need you to be excellent at a few things and solid at many others!

Here are things you will be doing a lot of:

    • Environment Art
    • Character Design

The following skills would also be valuable:

    • Animation
    • Unity Particle Effects
    • Optimizing 3D models for vertex count
    • Concept Art
    • Illustrations (UI, icons, promotional material, blog post images)

As the principal artist you will take the lead in driving the game’s visual direction:

  • Work closely with the Lead Designer to build a vision for what the world looks like.
  • Experiment with voxel art technique to create consistent rules for 3D modeling.
  • Proactively make suggestions for areas to improve.
  • Help prioritize art tasks and come up with creative ways to meet deadlines without crunching.


  • A love of voxels.
  • A solid portfolio showing us your previous body of work. Must include voxel art.
  • Experience working on games.
  • Experience with:
    • Voxel Modeling: Qubicle, Magicavoxel
    • 3D Modeling: Any tool is ok as long as you are amazing at using it.
    • Concepting: Comfortable creating many quick sketches that explore possible directions.
    • Unity: You should be comfortable with basic asset importing / placing / setup. Massive bonus points for deeper expertise than that.
  • Good at taking feedback and iterating on your work!
  • Ability to work remotely

Why work with us??

  • Join a game that’s already successful, with thousands of fans waiting to see your art!
  • We’re a small team, so your impact will be significant.
  • Work-life balance is important to us! Crunching sucks. We actively try to avoid it.
  • It’s ok to show all your work-in-progress! (we stream development on Twitch almost every day)
  • Work from anywhere!
  • We pay you money!

Get in touch!

Does this sound amazing? Think you check most of these boxes?
Send us an email at [email protected] with a link to your portfolio.

To find out more about our game: Play it here or check out some YouTube videos.