Controller Test Build

Playing the Controller Test Branch on Steam

To play-test on the Steam experimental branch:

  1. Make a backup of your game save data following this guide, in case a save data version difference occurs during development.
  2. Open your Steam Library
  3. In the list, right click on Clone Drone in the Danger Zone -> Properties -> Betas
  4. Under “Enter beta access code to unlock private betas”, enter the access code:
  5. Below the form, you should see: “Access code correct, private beta ‘controller-support’ is now available.”
  6. Restart Steam – the controller support branch won’t show up in the dropdown until you’ve restarted Steam.
  7. Go back to that menu (Clone Drone in the Danger Zone -> Properties -> Betas) and select controller-support from the beta dropdown:

Launch the game! It should download a quick update, launch, and at the bottom left of the main menu screen, you should see a version # like

If the version # still does not match that, re-start Steam and try running the game again!

Join us at #controller-testers on the community-run Discord to see the latest status of the controller support branch, review the work in progress / known issues, and share your thoughts!

Some things to note:

  • This is an active development branch! Don’t feel upset if it’s less great or stable than you imagined so far, we’re working on making it awesome 🙂
  • You may get kicked off of the multiplayer test servers (even in the middle of a match!) when we make new builds. Servers cost money so we don’t want to run old versions for too long!