Multiplayer Test Builds

While we’re working on multiplayer, we figured it would be fun to let everyone test the latest game code changes LIVE on Twitch!

Clone Drone Bot

Multiplayer Test Button

Playing the Multiplayer Branch on Steam

To play-test on the Steam multiplayer branch:

  1. Open your Steam Library
  2. In the list, right click on Clone Drone in the Danger Zone -> Properties -> Betas
  3. Under “Enter beta access code to unlock private betas”, enter the access code:
  4. Below the form, you should see: “Access code correct, private beta ‘multiplayer’ is now available.”

  5. Restart Steam – the multiplayer branch won’t show up in the dropdown until you’ve restarted Steam.
  6. Go back to that menu (Clone Drone in the Danger Zone -> Properties -> Betas) and select multiplayer from the beta dropdown:

    Beta dropdown

Launch the game! It should download a quick update, launch, and at the bottom left of the main menu screen, you should see a version # that matches the one the CloneDroneBot mentioned on Twitch.

If the version # still does not match what CloneDroneBot said, re-start Steam and try running the game again!

Some things to note:

  • We are just getting started with multiplayer, and this is an active development branch! Don’t feel upset if it’s less great or stable than you imagined so far, we’re working on making it awesome 🙂
  • You may get kicked off of the multiplayer test servers (even in the middle of a match!) when we make new builds. Servers cost money so we don’t want to run old versions for too long!
  • Don’t bother trying anything single-player outside of multiplayer in this beta, many things will be half-broken or not work at all from our multiplayer changes, & we haven’t added anything new in single player in this beta so it’s not worth looking 🙂
  • OS X builds become available ~10 minutes after the notification is sent to Twitch.